Prayer Assembly And Physical Exercise

Prayer Assembly

The children assemble together in lines and sing prayer in chorus and practice various drill exercises like normal children. This gives them training in socialization. These children are divided in various categories/ groups such as Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary, Pre Vocational, Vocational & deaf and dumb. We have separate classes for these groups. Specially trained teachers and specialists look after them with great care and patience and teach and train them in various traded and crafts.

Physio Therapy

Drill exercises, massage and other practices are given to the children for the proper movement of all extremities of body. This is done under the supervision of a well-qualified Physio-therapist with the help of special aids and equipment’s like parallel bar quadriceps table, rowing machine, dynamic cycle and shoulder wheel are practices.

Specialy manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy and various physical therapies who practice evidence based treatments, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention.

It is performed by physical therapist & known as physiotherapy.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is the treatment of people who have speech and language problems.

Specially trained instructor trains them in the articulation of speech organs and treats stammering, the language lab is well equipped with audiometer, speech Trainer practice mirror and other aids.

Sign Language Deaf and Dumb classes

Training in signs, gesture and body language is imparted. If they can’t speak, they can express themselves through signs, gesture and body language.

They learn through picture and signs and express their ideas in various activities group dance, games etc.