Co - Curricular Activities

Dance and Music

Pupil’s understanding and enjoyment of music and dance developed through activities that give them opportunities to perform listen to review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods genres, style and tradition. The music curriculum aims to involve pupils in first hand musical experiences. Activities include the opportunity to sing and play simple rhythms and melodies. Children enjoy and express themselves through dance and music. They also learn different kinds of dance and music.

They also learn different kinds of dance forms like folk, western, classical dance etc. Music and Cultural programme are held from time to time. Students also participate in various computations held by another schools.

Yoga Classes

Yoga, Exercises are effective for mental as well as physical development. In Yoga classes different asanas and exercise are given to heal their physical problems and mental concentration.

Picnic & Excursions

Children are taken for picnic for their enjoyment and to expose them to the outer world. They also visit some. Schools, temples, institutions and ashrams to enhance their knowledge.

Parents Camp

Parents are also given special training and advice for the training of these children. Special talks and group discussions are held on mental retardation. Specialists are consulted.

Workshop for vocational Training

Training in various trades is imparted in making greeting cards, painting, toy making etc. In the loom they make shawls, bed sheets, pillows -covers table cloth, carpets etc. This training is useful for their employment and rehabilitation.