Academic Facilities

Computer Education

They are being exposed to the latest development in education such as computer. Special facilities for computer awareness are being provided. In computer class our students learn basic knowledge of computer such as coloring, typing, playing games etc.

These classes can be used to help our students with motivation and social development.

Games and Sport

The program of sports meet had celebrated every year from 1997 to 2003 since 2003 we are celebrating sports meet every alternate year.

Our School has a daily schedule for games for their physical growth and development.

There are many states which participate in sports meet as - Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and U.P

  • In 2002 - 14
  • In 2003 - 16
  • In 2005 - 18
  • In 2009 - 17
  • In 2011 - 16
  • In 2014 - 16
  • In 2016 - 11

Used to participate by special school.

Our school also sponsors a special sports meet for the schools of North India after every two years for the social interaction and development of children. Students also take part in games organized by special Olympics Uttrakhand.

It is our pride that our student Kuldeep Singh Negi won two silver medals in Boccee and got International fame in world summer games- 2007 in Shanghai. China.

In 2015 our two students had gone in U.S.A at Los angles Anita got silver medal in 800 mt walk and Bronze in 400 mt walk.

Ajay got bronze medal in Volleyball team.

Transport facilities

The school bus brings the, students to school and leaves them, back home well protect.

Twice a year they are taken for a picnic around some beautiful spot. At present 98 children are being benefitted.